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Massage for couples in Sensia’s Universe

This Tantra Massage is for couples (M / F, M / M, K / K), but you do not have to be lovers. You just need to be open to meet each other on a deeper level!

In Sensia’s Universe you will together come on an exciting journey, based on where each of you are in life now. (It is recommended to receive an individual tantric massage before, but it is not a requirement).

I massage you in the same room / at the same time in a cozy, comfortable and intimate environment. I give you a profound massage and guide you into the core of your body and soul. I will provide you with practical / Tantric tools to help to embrace and dissolve the tensions I may meet in your bodies along the massage.

Since our journey through life often is very colored by how relaxed we are in ourselves, I will besides the physical massage/touch also stimulate your other senses and take you on a sensory journey!

The increased relaxation and sensitivity in your body and soul, will make it easier to enjoy yourselves again! This intense / new experience will often create openings to support and live out your love for your “travel companion” at a deeper level: open hearted and unconditionally!

Through this Tantra Massage you will be able to learn how:

  • Tantra massage awakens your ability to tune into the other
  • to feel your “partner” more intensely
  • you learn the joy of giving and how you can be fully present with your partner
  • you become more aware of your masculine / feminine energies and how you can let them swing together in harmony and energy-increasing flows (without releasing energy in peak orgasms!)

The result will often be an intense pleasure in the moment, with new Tantric experiences that support your love, happiness, attraction and intimacy: vital ingredients on a renewed exciting Tantric journey!

[box type=”alert” style=”rounded”]I expect that you are freshly washed before treatment.[/box] [box type=”alert”] Please indicate whether you have special physical /mental conditions and / or you take medication that may have significance for the massage.[/box]
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