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Tantra Sliding Massage with Nuru gel/warm oil

This unique Tantra Massage is for those who yearn for a close and intense, deep and sensitive massage, with a good dose of playfulness and eroticism!

Tantra Sliding Massage is initiated by a full body Tantric Massage, which loosens up your body and dissolves your shields (like being modeled throughout your body). You will feel your life force energy being released and I will guide you, so you can circulate that energy in your body. Now you are ready for the Tantra Sliding Massage!

In Tantra Sliding Massage, I use Japanese Nurugel: a slimy water-based gel, odorless and tasteless and full of natural nutrients.

After I apply the Nurugel, I use my body to slide over your whole (body to body). For each stroke I take, you will be led into deeper surrender and magical waves of bubbling energy!

You are now led into a universe of playfullness, ecstasy and intense orgasmic energies, often resulting in long lasting renewed bodily pleasure and increased life energy. You do not at any time release your energy (no peak orgasms, no “quick fix”)!

You can choose to exchange the somehow chilly nuru gel with warm almond or coconut oil.

Tantra Sliding Massage ends with a bath, and I serve water / juice and fresh fruit.

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