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Tantra wellness

I welcome you in the room with candles and soft music. We talk briefly about why you chose Tantra wellness and what expectations you have for this particular massage. You choose which massage oil I use to massage and which essential oil I use in your aromatherapy bath.

During the massage, you are undressed and so can I be.
I gently massage your entire body. You can experience spiritual love and compassion, combined with deep strong currents of erotic life energy.

The massage is followed  by an aromatherapy bath where I continue to massage you.

After the aroma bath you can lie down on the mattress where you are covered with a blanket and can enjoy the moment for some minutes.

Tantra Wellness massage takes care of your entire body, giving you pleasure in the moment!

Massage oils / essential oils:

I use only organic, nutfree oil with moisturizing and nourishing properties. The oil can be used as it is or you choose to add essential oils (from the Danish kitchen garden).

Examples of essential oils that can be selected:

  • Lavender oil, which acts analgesic and relaxing
  • Orange-/Citrus oil, that is refreshing and stimulating blood circulation
  • Cedarwood oil is antiseptic, astringent and soothing
  • Muscus oil, which strengthens the masculin energy
[box type=”alert” style=”rounded”]I expect that you are freshly washed before treatment.[/box] [box type=”alert”] Please indicate whether you have special physical /mental conditions and / or you take medication that may have significance for the massage.[/box]
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