07 Apr

Sensia´s Universe

Massage has become popular, also offer in western society where we have become more aware that our well-being is linked to the prevention of pain and injuries – and effective treatment if they occur.

During my massage sessions, I use elements from Physiotherapy massage, which prevents / eliminates also the harmful effects of sedentary and uniform in work, stress and strain can provide. The physical well-being has a positive effect on daily function, and the result is not only improved physical function, but also increased self-acceptance.

Body and soul belong together, and processing of the body through physical massage for wellbeing, life energy and positive emotional activity!

As something unique I offer Tantra Massage, Tantra Wellness, Sensory Journeys, Tantra Fantasy Massage, Tantra Sliding Massage and Floatation Therapy/Massage. They are relaxing types of Tantra Massage, based on dissolving tensions throughout the body, to make you feel at ease and trigger your senses. They enhance your sensual and sexual desire and thus your life energy. You can enjoy the moment in a physical, sensual, sexual and spiritual loving way. The treatments can be very intense and deep and you may experience reactions such as joy, sorrow, pain, relief etc.. this is natural, and I give space for you to express your reactions.

These unique Tantra Massages open up your energy and you can often experience that your life energy flows freely throughout your body.

Many people feel that these unique Tantra Massages open up for new ways to live their lives, for example by being more present in the moment, with themselves and others. You’ll get tips and tricks to circulate your relaxed increased energy. This allows you to experience prolonged ecstasy and orgasms (I do not work with energy release / peak orgasms!).

All my treatments are for both men and women!