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Tantra Fantasy Massage

Every one is more or less familiar with fantasy, often finding its origine in the deeper unreleased longings, traumas, fears and tentions. To get “in touch”, explore and live out fantasies takes a lot of practice.

Tantra Fantasy Massage can contribute to live into the different fantasy layers!

In the Tantra Fantasy Massage, I will meet you and explore some of those layers with you. During the Tantra Fantasy Massage sessions, I will also provide you with tantric tools you can take home so you can continue the Tantra Fantasy journey!

I offer the following types of Tantra Fantasy Massage:

1. White glove Tantra Fantasy Massage (like a newborn, like a god(dess))

This Tantra Fantasy Massage is a soft, stroking, cuddling Tantra Massage of your entire external body. It can bring you in a deep comfort and pleasure of being touched and embraced in your fundamental longing for unconditional love (like a newborn).

You may experience temporary states of being in touch with the divine (feeling like the god(dess))!

2. Blue glove Tantra Fantasy Massage (like the happy, playful child)

This Tantra Fantasy Massage has its focus on the external and internal care taking.

After profoundly loosening up your body, I will trigger your tention points and areas both externally (muscles/shakras) and internally (massage of anus/vagina). You may experience that your life force energy (Kundalini) is activated.

I will help you to open up your energy channels, so that you can experience an entire energy flow in your body. I offer to massage your anus, prostata, lingam (men)/vagina, cervix, yoni (women) and entire body in order to learn NOT to loose the energy in a peak orgasm (ejaculation/clitoris orgasm) but rather experience longer lasting full body orgasms.

I will guide you carefully through this process, so that you can meet, embrace and go through some of your childhood (primair)core contractions such as fears, traumas, taboos, longings, lack of love/approval and appreciation.

I will also provide you with tools, so that you can reach and maintain this deep relaxing, often playfull, sensual and sexual state at home.

3. Black glove Tantra Fantasy Massage (total surrender to reach beyond your limits and expand your comfort zones)

Join me in this amazing Tantra Fantasy Massage where your fantasies declear war to your boundaries and comfort zones!
This session will be tailored to your requirements!

It can be a wickedly sensual, naughty and playfull session of teasing Tantric Dominance. This allows your body to be challenged and often become very orgasmic, finally setting of into a full micro cosmic orbit and reach an estatic altered state/hightened states of orgasmic consiousness!

I am delighted to be your guide on this journey of submission, subtle breath and energy work, erotic sensual play and exploration, leading you to extreme pleasure and relaxation!

You may loose track of time and experience long lasting full body orgasms : a subspace where I will assist you to slow your brain chatter while relaxing into a often healing trance state where you can safely surrender into the divine present moment!

Common for Tantra Fantasy Massages:

  • Intro talk
  • Full body Tantra Massage
  • Breathing technics
  • Shower
  • Tantric tools for “homework”

I can offer a combination of the 3 ”gloves. Tantra Fantasy Massage is both for men and women!

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