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Tantra Basic Massage

I welcome you in the room with candles and soft music. We talk briefly about why you chose Tantra Basic Massage, past experience and the expectations you have for this particular massage.

I guide you into your body and soul by deep breathing.

I invite you into the Tantra Massage room, where you get ready for your Tantra Basic Massage. I tune into you by putting my hands on your body.

I start loosening up your body so you can let go of the mind. You then receive a full body intuitive Tantra Basic Massage. I use trigger point massage to dissolve the tensions I meet in your muscles. It is important that you take deep breaths when I press the trigger (stress) points so that they can relax.

During parts of your tantra massage I use warm oil and let my hands distribute it. You can relax and experience well-being. I massage you sensually with slow gentle strokes, alternating with deep pressure in your major energy fields (chakras) which often store tentions / old traumas, etc. It is important also to dissolve these tensions, so your life energy (kundalini) can flow freely through your body. As part of your massage I offer to massage your anus, prostata (men) / vagina, cervix (women) and your genitals, since these as well often bear tensions that may prevent your life energy to flow freely.

The massage ends with long, gentle and loving strokes and you can finally just lie and enjoy the moment in a few minutes.

This massage is highly recommended for those who want to get in touch with them selves and possibly dissolve old tensions / traumas. You can experience an intense, beautiful and life (energy) affirmative massage. It’s a relaxing and healing massage of the whole body and you can experience sensual, sexual and spiritual energy.

As you may experience strong emotional reactions during and after the massage, I always offer a final chat.

You can take a shower if you wish so.

Tantra Basic Massage is for both men and women.

I expect that you are freshly washed before treatment.

Please indicate whether you have special physical /mental conditions and / or you take medication that may have significance for the massage.

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