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Tantra Massage (mini) Workshop

This workshop is open for singles, couples, friends, etc.. You do not need previous Tantra (Massage) experience, but have to be willing to work together in the same room. During the Tantra Massage exercise, you will be undressed.

During this workshop you will get in touch with how:

  • you come out of your head and into your body (movement)
  • you can increase the relaxation of the body and reverse your inwards consciousness outwards!
  • you may experience greater closeness, intimacy and sensitivity during a Tantra Massage (guided sensual tantra massage: both giving and receiving)
  • the tantric tools can keep you in process without loosing the good energy
  • you can let the energy circulate in increasing flows (without releasing energy in peak orgasms!)
[box type=”alert” style=”rounded”]I expect that you are freshly washed before treatment.[/box] [box type=”alert”] Please indicate whether you have special physical /mental conditions and / or you take medication that may have significance for the massage.[/box]
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